Our Leadership

Pastor Philip and Kathy Cochran

Lead Pastor

Pastor Philip Cochran and his wife,Kathy Cochran, have been married since 1980, sharing a beautiful journey of faith and love. Both dedicated to ministry since 1982, they embarked on their path by starting our church together in 1985. Pastor Philip's prior experience as a former law enforcement officer laid a strong foundation for his compassionate pastoral work. He has obtained a bachelors degree in counseling and has been dedicated to helping others with mental health counseling. Pastor Kathy has devoted the last 41 years to serving in children's ministry, impacting countless young lives. She has been leading women’s ministry for over 30 years, cultivating her passion for helping women find their calling in God. They find joy and fulfillment in their roles as grandparents to their many grandchildren, creating cherished memories together at their home in Saint Augustine, FL.

Jarrod and Kelsey Cochran

Associate Pastor / Creative Director/ Youth Leader

Jarrod Cochran and his wife, Kelsey Cochran, have been happily married since 2017. Jarrod is currently pursuing a master of divinity degree at SEU and has dedicated 20 years to ministry, primarily as a worship leader and drummer. Meanwhile, Kelsey, the creative director and youth leader, is a registered nurse and Army Veteran. She brings her caring nature, passion for helping others, and medical expertise to their shared journey. They reside in Elkton, Florida, cherishing their life together with their three talented daughters, who have a passion for piano, singing, and drumming. Additionally, their home is filled with love as they care for three rescue horses and three dogs. Together, they form a dedicated and compassionate team, serving both spiritually and physically in their community.

Rodney and Brooke Padgett

Children's Pastors

Rodney and Brooke Padgett are a dynamic husband-and-wife team who are making a difference both in their professional lives and in their community. Married since 2016, they share a deep commitment to family, faith, and service.
As the proud parents of five beautiful children, Rodney and Brooke have built a strong foundation centered around love, faith, and education. They made the intentional decision to homeschool all of their children, fostering a nurturing environment where learning is not just confined to textbooks, but encompasses life lessons and spiritual growth.
In addition to running a successful contractor business together, Rodney and Brooke have a shared passion for children's ministry. Their hearts beat for leading young ones to Jesus and helping them grow in their faith through His word. Whether through Sunday school classes, outreach programs, or special events, they are dedicated to creating opportunities for children to encounter the love of Christ and develop a lifelong relationship with Him.

Rick and Robbie Arsenault

Rick & Robbie have been engaged in Bible based home church marriage ministry for well over 40 years.
This includes premarital and marital counseling, enrichment classes, retreats and weekend events. Both
have completed studies with the American Association of Christian Counselors. They are also passionate
about leading small groups and just having fun. Both are students of the Bible and enjoy leading and
participating in these studies. They have been married 45 years, have two married children and five

Paul and Mary Pearson

Paul and Mary Pearson are dedicated members of our church's Pastoral Care Team. With years of experience as associate pastors in two different churches, they bring a wealth of wisdom and compassion to their ministry. After leading their own church for 14 years, they retired to Florida, where they continue to serve and support our congregation. Paul's commitment to helping others extends beyond the church, as he teaches at Tulsa Welding School and invests quality one-on-one time with over 500 people annually, empowering them to improve their lives. Together, they embody the spirit of love and care that enriches our church community.

JD Norris

JD is a highly esteemed pastor with an impressive 55-year journey in the ministry. Beyond his pastoral role, he has excelled as a former Christian administrator for three schools, fostering the spiritual and educational growth of students. JD's passion for evangelism and missionary work has taken him to various corners of the world, touching countless lives with the message of hope and faith. In addition to his diverse roles, he has served as a compassionate Christian counselor, offering guidance and support to those in need. His unwavering dedication and multifaceted service have left an enduring impact on the lives of many.

Joe Costello

Joe Costello is a dedicated member of our church pastoral care team. For most of his life, Joe saw himself differently, much like Saul, until he answered his wife Amy's call to our church in 2015. Since then, he's been captivated by God's love, mercy, and grace. With 39 years in law enforcement, Joe now leads our church security team and contributes to various other ministries. Beyond church, he and Amy enjoy the joyful busyness of their eight grandchildren, bestowed upon them by their children Frank and Tatiana. They're passionate about travel, especially for missions in Honduras.